“I am once more drawing the attention of all to the importance of brevity in official minutes, memoranda, letters…

the length and number of messages sent [by an officer] are no measure of his [or her] efficiency.”

I’m not sure if this is old language or actually more emphatic and clear language. Either way, I would not normally think to express things in this way, but I would like to learn how.

If I were to write this message, I would have written something like:

  • Another reminder to all that we should be aiming to be concise and precise in all our written documents.
  • Please be more brief on all written documents. This includes minutes, memos and letters. Take the time to edit your documents – work out what is relevant and delete the rest.
  • We have more room to improve in the brevity and precision of our writing, including for minutes, memos and letters.

I think the the original quote is superior to mine. Something to reflect on further…