Please develop this proposal further and indicate scope and examples of the proposed activity.

At first glance at your proposal, I’m unconvinced by the need for this activity to be centralized in one team. That being said, maybe I am envisioning something more than you have planned.

I was worried that you run the risk of spreading yourselves too thin – that the greater breadth of topics you have to cover, the less time and thoroughness you can devote to each one.

Furthermore, I believe this activity is or should be a bread and butter responsibility of all teams.

It is not yet clear to me where the value is that you could add, and this is where you might like to concentrate your efforts in developing the proposal further.

To begin with, it would be helpful to define what you mean by this activity and what outputs you intend to produce, or at least what are the range of possible things you could produce.

My sense is that you should focus on a light touch approach – it would be less about new content, and more about scanning for and improving awareness of existing content.

In this way you could begin or continue to gather ‘organizational capital’ around the organisation, and you will be able to maintain a relatively high output of things that are useful to others.

Still too long, bureaucratic and wordy. And a little arrogant and self-serving. More editing needed.