This year, one of my goals is to read at least one book a week. Over a year, I will have read at least 52 books in 2017.

My aim is to find out what it would mean to my daily or weekly schedule or routine if I make this commitment to read more, at the pace of a book a week.

In reaching this goal, I’ll be able to learn what suits me best for reading – at what times of the day, what situations and what environments am I able to maximize my reading?

Also, what books at this stage in my ‘reading life’ am I drawn towards, and do they reflect current personal and/or work priorities?

How much do I read for pleasure versus for knowledge and skills? What is the breakdown of fiction versus non-fiction? Etc etc

I think all these things above are good because they will lead to greater personal growth and awareness. And they are in line with my general framework for deciding how to use my time: gravitate towards activities that lead to long term growth rather than immediate gratification.

To make my challenge this year a little more meaningful, I’m going to incorporate a quality indicator: the 52 books I read this year have to be books that are worth reading, meaning that they lead to personal enjoyment or growth, or provide new knowledge on areas that I am interested in or that will improve aspects in my work or personal endeavors.

There are not any easy ways to measure quality. One way is to restrict my reading to books that attract a rating of at least 3.5 on the Goodreads website/app, but the selection of a definite rating is arbitrary (why not 3.4?), and therefore should be an indicator that can guide, but not restrict, what books I read.

More to reflect on these topics later.

Progress: day = 26; books read = 9.