The salesperson who repeats his or her sales pitch hundreds of times, over time, develops a sharp instinct and intuition of the way that people are likely to respond.

Each sales pitch is an opportunity to confirm an expected response, or learn about a new response.

I think the same phenomenon applies to a traveling speaker, who might use a core set of PowerPoint slides and talking notes, and then makes small modifications or learns different ways to frame the same topic, depending on the audience and context.

And the same probably also applies in our day to day lives when we communicate and repeat to others our feelings, opinions and insights – we find better and better ways to communicate our meaning.

Repetition is an important part of the learning process, so long as the individual pays attention (observes keenly) and confirms existing or learns new information (creates a feedback loop).

All of the above perhaps sounds a little abstract. The simple version is: through repetition, we learn.