A Vitamin B12 fortified diet of whole plant foods, according to Dr Greger’s analysis of nutrition research, is the healthiest approach to eating.

Dr Greger’s recommends a ‘Daily Dozen’:

  1. three serves of beans
  2. three serves of whole grains
  3. three serves of fruit
  4. two serves of greens
  5. one serve of cruciferous vegetables
  6. two serves of other vegetables
  7. one serve of berries
  8. one tablespoon ground or flaxseeds
  9. one serve of nuts
  10. five glasses of water
  11. spices
  12. one serve of exercise

As I am not going to commit my own time, and probably lack the capability, to look carefully into the research, it’s more efficient to trust another source – eg Dr Greger’s website – to find recommendations on the healthiest way to eat.

I’ll try to follow Greger’s Daily Dozen for my everyday diet, or at least get closer to it.