“…managers must loosen the controls, not tighten them. They must accept risk; they must trust the people they work with and strive to clear the path for them; and always, they must pay attention to and engage with anything that creates fear.”

“Unhindered communication [is] key, no matter what your position.”

Source: Edwin Catmull (2014) Creativity Inc: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that stand in the way of True Inspiration

This book is marketed as a ‘thoughtful management book’. It uses Pixar – the computer animation giant – as a case study to describe the organisational context (management behaviour, culture, structure etc) needed to encourage creativity.

“…the most compelling mechanisms to me are those that deal with uncertainty, lack of candor, and things we cannot see.”

Creativity is not a requirement in my current role, but I guess any knowledge-intensive job has parallels to creative work roles.

The two main themes in the above quotes – (1) how to deal with uncertainty; and (2) how to encourage and listen to all voices – are things I have long struggled to answer.

I’ll be keen to read what the author thinks about these issues.