If we read ~40-50 pages a day over 50 years, we can read about 2500+ books in our adult life.

What 2500+ books should we read, and in what order?

Whatever reason we read for – to be entertained, to learn, to expand our imagination, to broaden our vocabulary, to improve our writing – the question of what to read is worthy of some thought.

We cannot read all the books that have ever been written, so we have to be selective. Some books have greater value than others, so we should try to read books that take us closer to our goals.

Books change the mind that decides what to read: the individual before and after reading 50 books might answer the question of what to read differently.

Ordering also has an impact, as reading some books will pave the way for wanting to read others.

In the above passages, there are more questions than answers, reflecting a lack of clarity of what to read and why.

I will continue to think about this question – what to read – from time to time.¬†For now (May 2017), my plan is to read into economics, science and philosophy 80% of the time, and self-help books and fiction 20% of the time – let’s see how that changes over time.