“Incubators survived and prospered by making themselves relevant to their surrounding environment. In the first generation, they were providers of desk space; in the second generation, of basic office services too. During the tech boom in the 1990s, incubators moved into investor matching services. Now, incubators are providing equity investments, standardised education programmes, and access to mentors. As the environment changed, so did the incubators.”

“Singapore has survived and prospered by making ourselves relevant to the world. In the last century, we traded in spices; this century, in tin and rubber. After independence in 1965, we moved into simple manufacturing. Now, we are in wafer fabs, pharmaceuticals and Asian currency units. As the world economy changed, so did we.”

Source: Wit and Wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew

X has achieved A through B, in relation to C. At first B was this, then B was this. Then, B was this. Now, B is this. As C changed, so did B.

“How did you learn to cook?”

“My cooking skills were honed and developed by copying chefs on the TV. In the beginning, I followed the legendary Roux brothers; then, Marco Pierre White. After Masterchef became famous, I followed Gordon Ramsay. Now, I watch Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson, and Luke Nguyen.”