If I gave you 100 research articles advocating daily consumption of grains for breakfast, would you decide to do it?

Some people might, because the evidence is persuasive.

For those who might not, the possible reasons are in two broad categories:

  1. Implementation – but how will I eat grains? I have no time to cook grains! Are grains more expensive?
  2. Values – I grew up eating fruit for breakfast! Pancakes for breakfast is a family tradition!

That is, decisions are never reliant on evidence alone. Evidence, Implementation, and Values all interact to influence the final outcome.

For those who decided to eat grains after hearing the evidence, it does not mean they ignored their Values and Implementation, but merely that there was no discord on those two elements.

This three part framework – Evidence, Implementation, Values – gives an interesting way of framing how we make our own decisions, and how we might influence others to make theirs.

What are other decision-making frameworks? Are they better than this one?