In a qualitative interview, we are seeking concrete information in our area of inquiry.

If the respondent touches on a relevant topic, then what are the ways we can prompt for further information?

  • Could you tell me the most recent time that happened?
  • How did that start?
  • What led to that?
  • Could you go on with that? What heppendnext?
  • Could you walk me through it?
  • “We need you to be as detailed as possible” – not my favourite
  • So you were doing A, B, C. What happened then?
  • Who else was involved and what did they do?
  • Did you consult with anybody else about this?
  • When that was happening, what thoughts did you have?
  • You had some pretty definite feelings? What were the feelings you had?

Source: Robert Weiss, Learning from Strangers