29 days to go — July 12, 2018

29 days to go

20 min run. Beanie, gloves and layers – only 5 deg C. Short, rapid strides, straight back, chest up, arms and shoulders loose. More like today, every day of the week, leads to improvement. RPE7.


“Leonardo developed a machinistic view of the world.

All movements in the universe – of human limbs and of cogs in machines, of blood in our veins and of water in rivers – operate according to the same laws, he concluded.

These laws are analogous; the motions in one realm can be compared to those in another realm, and patterns emerge.”

Walter Isaacson, Leonardo Da Vinci

Look for motions – in the garden, in the city, in ourselves and others – and patterns will emerge. One realm compares similarly with another. Laws, patterns and habits are analogous.

30 days to go — July 11, 2018
32 days to go — July 9, 2018

32 days to go

“Leonardo became a disciple of both experience and received wisdom.

More important, he came to see that the progress of science came from a dialogue between the two.

That in turn helped him realize that knowledge also came from a related dialogue: that between experiment and theory.”

Walter Isaacson, Leonardo Da Vinci

33 days to go — July 8, 2018
34 days to go —

34 days to go

No exercise today and yesterday.

This week, I plan to run at least five days. Easy runs (RPE 6-8), including one run with hill sprints and another with intervals.

“The juxtapositions can seem haphazard, and to some extent they are; we watch his mind and pen leap from an insight about mechanis, to a doodle of ahir culrs and water eddies, to a drawing of a face, to an ingenous contraption, to an anatomical sketch…

… the joy of these juxtapositions is that they allow us to marvel at the beauty of a universal mind as it wanders exuberantly in free-range fashion over the arts and sciences and, by doing so, senses the connections in our cosmos.

We can extract from his pages, as he did from nature’s, the patterns that underlie things that at first appear disconnected.”

Walter Isaacson, Leonardo da Vinci

35 days to go — July 6, 2018

35 days to go

7/7 days of running so far. Not feeling sore. Feeling good, in fact. This implies I’m getting sufficient rest between workouts. And that workouts are easy enough, for now. I’ve had one day of hill sprints and one longer run. The work that is needed ahead will carry on in the following vein: everyday, an easy run. On one day, incorporate hill sprints or intervals or one kilometre fast run. On another day, incorporate slow long run, and follow up the day following with short easy run.

Onward, to City2Surf 2018…


38 days to go — July 3, 2018

38 days to go

Design projects involve: a Sponsor/Executive; Design (design knowledge); User; Expert (domain knowledge).

With the Sponsor, engage early and often. Invite them to Showcases. Design workshops or meetings or discussions where they give their input. Share insights from users, in the form of stories, narratives, journeys. A sponsor is more likely to support the final solutions when they have participated along the way.


RPE 6. Cadence felt high. Posture seemed okay. Niggling right knee at times, but not significant.