Skimming a book — March 14, 2018

Skimming a book

In a few minutes: read the title page. And the preface. Then the table of contents. And the index. Then skip through the book, a few paragraphs and pages at a time, to grasp the main gist and flow of arguments.

Then, decide is the book worth a closer read?

Cane toad analogy — March 13, 2018

Cane toad analogy

The cane toad is a “feral species”, a threat to native biodiversity; something that is unique to Australia, might have seemed good at the time, but when we look at it in retrospect, it simply isn’t sustainable.


Informed vs enlightened — March 11, 2018
Scientific method — March 10, 2018

Scientific method

“the methods of science—skepticism, fallibilism, open debate, and empirical testing—are a paradigm of how to achieve reliable knowledge.”

Stephen Pinker, Enlightenment Now

Science has techniques for other domains.

Reading to understand — March 9, 2018
Embrace messiness — March 8, 2018

Embrace messiness

Let it out, whatever is on the mind, warts and all, green and raw, start messy and refine later, quantity over quality, what comes out as measured and methodical can sometimes be construed as dull and illiterate and slow, so let it all out, let rip and let go, do now allow judgment to stall creative thought, spit it out, in all its messiness, and then refine it.

Interview questions for grit — March 7, 2018

Interview questions for grit

  1. How have you turned a dream into a reality?
  2. How have you dealt with failure and bounced back from it?
  3. Tell me about a time you had an idea to improve a process at work and what was the result?
  4. Describe a project that you had to work on for an extended period of time and how you stayed engaged?